Providing the latest Intellectual Property Services

We always take the latest information such as the revised law, the revised Examination Guidelines for Patent and Utility Model and the judicial precedent, and propose an appropriate latest solution.
Moreover, we think that it is important to take a stance which we solve various clients' problems in the Intellectual Property. It is necessary that the patent attorney always provides with the latest expertise and have the vast experience with the practice to solve those problems. However, it is not possible to necessarily handle the problems and needs of the client appropriately only by proposing a one-sided solution. We think that we can appropriately provide the intellectual property service based on our expertise and experience by thinking about the solution with the client.

Original online storage

We have an online storage system of our own on our server. As a result,critical data can be safely communicated between our clients and us via theInternet. Our clients can freely communicate the file from anywhere if theyhave a personal computer and an Internet environment. File attachable toan e-mail and file of a large-volume data can be safely and quickly communicated.
*The online storage of our firm doesn't use service that lends the diskspace for the file keeping on the Internet.

Message to small and medium-sized enterprise

Our firm provides the high quality Intellectual Property services for the small and medium-sized enterprise. We provide with the overall support to not only the basic problems of the patent application and the office action but the other various problems (for example, the problem when the other company infringed your intellectual property right, the problem when you infringed the right of the other company without recognizing it, the dealing with the system change by law revision and new judicial precedent and the problem of causing it by insufficient management of trade secret and knowhow).
Moreover, we positively support the cost strategy of the client. For instance, there are variety of reduction systems (exemption half of the fee of request for examination to research and development type small and medium-sized enterprise, the free prior-art search and the reduction of the prior-art search in accelerated examination. Our firm positively uses those systems, and, as a result, supports the reduction of official fee of client.

Intellectual Property Litigation

The patent attorneys who belong to our firm have a good track record of the suit against trial decision of rejection and the experience of the license negotiation. We try to inquire into the method of settlement to be able to expect both the effect of the lawsuit and cost-effectiveness by cooperating with the client each other. We give of the strategical vision, the depth of technical understanding and the legal expertise. We try to set the price reasonably, and to provide the client with cost-effective [shizai] service the exclusion of uselessness.

Decrease of client's hidden cost


In fact, the hidden cost other than firm fee and official fee is caused by request paper writing, when you make a request to Patent Firm. Especially, when the inventor makes the request paper of the company without intellectual property department, a large cost more than the fee paid to the firm might be generated. We try to reduce the hidden cost of the client caused by making the request paper by detailed meeting about the requested case. Moreover, we are working on a further improvement of the quality of the description by communications with the client.